No No No


Dear Ron,
I can’t get no satisfaction, as the song goes. Nothing I do makes me happy today. I don’t know what to do about it either.
No No No

Dear No No No,
I would advise you to listen to better songs. Music is such an impressive force that  if you listen to the wrong song, you will pay for it. There are more positive songs than that. Seek them out.
A couple of tunes I would recommend are:  “I Love You Because You’re Not Me, Love Massage, Jerky Girl,  Off -Colour Love,  Love Widow,  Whole Lotta Girl, Wonderful Wind,  Kiss It Again,  A Grateful Man- Boy.  Magical Mishap, The Deli Song,  Back Entrance, Take Me To The Janitor, I Wanna Hold It, A Goy’s World,   Do It Already,  Your Throat,  Pieces Of You, Half A Sandwich,
Take Me As I Smell,  Wholly Man,  A Nice Walk, Shoeless Hunter, Yes Here,  I’m You, Lovely Ladybug, Dental Care, Romance In A Truck, Kiss This, This Is Not That, Demented Child, Hot For A Hero, Fireman Firewoman,  Farewell Brother-in-Law,  We’ll  Meet Again In Court,  He and She Make They,  Don’t Say It So Loud, Cellulite Princess, Save It For Your Next Friend, Forever Vacant, I Wanna I Needa,  A Hug A Bug, Not Now Later,  You Again,  Don’t Say Good Riddance,  I Beg You To Eat,  A fork On The Table,  Unkind Cutlery, Hardwired To Whine,  Where Are You going With That,  Baby You’re Not A Baby,  Say That With A Full Mouth,  Soulful Bellhop,  Wash It,  Achalaria, Incontinent Dreams,  and everything by John Denver. Good luck.


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