Become One With The Candy


Dear Ron,

I like the advice you gave to Wits’ End. I am happy that at last you are discussing the big questions. My dilemma is that when I am  eating or drinking something I like (like a candy or a spruce beer) I don’t want it to end, which takes me away from enjoying it as much as I could while it is happening.  How can I forget about it ending and just appreciate it?

Future Imperfect

Dear Future Imperfect,

You are like Till Eulenspiegel, who always thought about walking uphill while he was walking downhill and of walking downhill while he was walking uphill. He was never in the present tense.
What you need to do is to engross yourself completely in the candy, allowing your entire being to connect with the candy, making it take you over completely becoming,  if you will, at one with the candy.  In other words, don’t let your mind distract you. That should solve  your problem.

Dear Ron,

I tried what your said and it worked. Thanks. Now I have other problems, which is that I am now stuck to my candy, and that I always feel sticky.

Dear Future,

I would tell you to become a river but I hesitate. Let me air out and think about it. I have now aired out .  This is how I thought about your question:  Future Imperfect is stuck to his candy. What can I tell him to get him unstuck?

I finally came to the conclusion that he ought to take a shower.  But no, this might do something about the stickiness; but what about the stuckness , which is the stickier question. After lengthy consideration I came to the conclusion that there is very little hope in this area. You and your candy are one. That sounds like a darn sweet life.  Why are you complaining?


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