There Is A War Going On In My Mouth


Dear Ron,

I have a tooth question to pose. I have had many problems with my teeth and spend much time and money at the dentist’s. The last big toothache I had caused me to lose a molar on my upper right side. For months I was obliged to chew on my left side. Then I had a dummy tooth installed and now I am fine. My problem is that I am finding that I now am completely out of the habit of eating on my right side.  I feel guilty about this because I have spent so much money and I am not even using it. How can I change this habit?


Dear Toothacher,

There is something you can do. When you take a bite tell your mouth to send the food to your right side. If your mouth refuses to do this, be firm. Your mouth is a creature of habit and sometimes has to be prodded to do what you want it to. Don’t let it get away with that. Also don’t let it mouth off at you. Mouths tend to do that. Show your mouth who is boss. Eventually it will back down and do what it is told to do.

Dear Ron,

Thanks for the advice, but I think there is something else going on. I can’t prove this, but I am under the impression that there is a feud going on between the teeth on my right side and the teeth on my left side.  Do you think this is possible?


Dear Toothacher,

There is that possibility, but you must override it. Teeth can be jealous of each other. It is like sibling rivalry. But you are the father. You are in charge and must make peace in the home.  Your mouth is your wife and it is her job to  guide your food and let your teeth know that you are all one family and that they must cooperate and share the food that is coming in.


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