Doing The Wrong Thing Is Better


Dear Ron,

I have just read your reply to Miserable Molly and I don’t agree with it. How could you tell her to start gambling?  Don’t you know the consequences of problem gambling? She could end up losing her home, or perhaps wasting  money which could have been better spent on something else, like a cosmetic procedure.
I don’t even think you will print my letter because I know how touchy you are about criticism. But I have to know I tried!

Irate Ida

Dear Irate Ida,

I hope you are happy. I printed your letter. Which goes to show that at least I can make decisions!
Concerning my advice to Miserable Molly, I would say that I calls then like I sees them. The renowned psychologist , Dr. Abraham Ratman, once confided to me over a cup of extra-dry Sanka that patients need to be shocked into action at times to overcome their fear of failure.  Of course, Abraham was homeless at the time.
One must plough into or out of one’s problems with wild abandon. It is the only way to pierce the inhibitory factor. I am of the firm belief that little baby steps are for little babies. Big baby steps are for bigger babies and big steps are for grownups. I urged Miserable Molly to take a grownup step. If that is wrong, then God will probably punish me for it. Until then I will have to stick to my conviction that it would be the best thing she could do.
You say she could lose her home. Well, Abraham lost his, and that has never lessened his stature in the community. Everyone is always chipping in to find him a better tent. He is just as loved around the campfire as he ever was. He is always the one chosen to start off the folksy songs they like to sing. Molly could do worse.
One learns by doing, and doing does not always mean doing the “right” thing. It is a human paradox that doing the “wrong” thing often teaches one more than doing the “right” thing. If Molly does the” wrong” thing, which you say my advice will cause her to do, she may learn more about herself than if she had not taken my advice.
Consequently, it is a win –win situation for me, which is really what I am most concerned about.
I hope I have answered your question, and please refrain from writing again if you have nothing good to say. Best of Luck.


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