Sleepless In My Nightmare


Dear Ron,

I live in fear that I am wasting my time. Whenever I am doing something I feel I should be doing something else, so I stop doing what I’m doing and start doing something else but then realize I shouldn’t be doing that either  and so I quit doing that and try to find something else to do . The problem is that by the end of the day I have not done anything but think about doing things that I never get to do and I am so tired doing that by then that all I want to do is sleep but can’t because I feel awful about not having really done anything all day. What should I do?

Sleepless In My Nightmare

Dear Sleepless,

That’s a tough one. I had to sleep on it (and believe me, it was not too comfortable), but now I am back all refreshed and keen to answer your query.  I would have to say that you are probably thinking too much and not acting enough. It was a wise Etruscan philosopher who once remarked that the worst  disease in the world is thinking. You can also infect people with your thoughts –bear that in mind. The brain is like a bratty kid –the more you give it, the more it wants, until you run out of things to give and it makes a call to Child Welfare.

I don’t know if this analogy fits, but don’t think on it too long.

There are ways, fortunately, that can help you to cut down on your thoughts. Have you ever considered taking some university courses? Or watch more television. Oprah is an excellent show that is bound to destroy any thoughts in your head. You may even write in to Dr. Phil. He is an ardent non-thinker even to the point of waxing contemptuous on anyone with the slightest inclination to original thought.

You may want to watch more news programs to realize that people who don’t think live much longer. The point is that there are so many mindless people about that you would not have any problem befriending them, which would certainly rub off on you. Before you realized it, you would find yourself as vacant as they and you would stop thinking about things to do and simply do things.

I hope this helped.


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