Fate Is A Funny Thing


Dear Ron,

I am finding that in my early winter years I have become more fatalistic than ever before.  The hum on my lips is always: “Que sera, sera.” I wonder if others feel the same way.


Dear Hummer,

Fate is a funny thing: you can’t escape it. Anybody who tries to escape their fate is falling right into it. My considered opinion is that we are all fish in the net of fate. Any fish would tell you if they could that they really didn’t have lots of plans for the day they landed flailing on some bronzed bugger’s top deck. They just got there and by then it was too late to make a u-turn.

Please take note that fish have lots to teach us. I won’t tell you what exactly because I believe it is up to each person to dig out this information on their own, but one bit I have acquired  along my journey is that one doesn’t always have to dress up to find a mate. Fish don’t dress is my point. I just thought I would pass that along to you and others, and eventually people might learn to have more respect for the fish on their menus. Yes, winter person, you are among the multitudes.

I hope this helped


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