What’s Up With Snow?


Dear Ron,
What’s up with snow? Why does it always fall when you don’t want it to? Peace out!


Dear Roderick,

Frankly, Roderick, I am not sure if you are getting this one accurately. You say snow falls when you don’t want it, but you must realize that other people may want it and that you are not the only person in the world. At the moment when you do not want to see a snowfall there may be someone out there very probably in your own city or village who might  have been sucking up to the snow gods for days just so that they could get a little of the white stuff sprinkled on their wooly ears. These people exist. They may include sportsmen, snow shovelers and professional snowmen producers. If it were not for the snow, these people might well go out of business. So smarten up!  Think of others, think of the economy.


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