How Can I Feel More Comfortable In My Sweater And Not Hurt People?


Dear Ron,
The sweater season is upon us, alas! I say “alas” for a good reason. I have a problem, and it is making me alas-ish.
The problem is that when I am wearing a shirt under a sweater, inevitably one of the shirt sleeves catches in the sweater,-lately it is the left one- causing me to have to constantly jerk my arm up to attempt to gain a measure of freedom, but  unfortunately not always successfully. These movements have poked out an eye or two, which has caused others at my workplace to regard me with consternation.
How can I feel more comfortable in my sweaters and not hurt people? Please don’t advise me to stop wearing sweaters, since I have tendency to chill if not properly protected, and I despise jackets or other heavy over garments.
Sleeve Slave

Dear Sleeve Slave,

It is possible that you should not be around people who look at you with consternation when you accidentally assault somebody. There are people in this world who just have no compassion and are quick to judge others they deem violent.
You could try looking for a job at a place where there is a spirit of acceptance and understanding of those who make unpredictable gestures.
I would advise finding this out before you apply for the job.  If you decide, however, to stay where you are, you could explain your predicament to your fellow employees and suggest that they remain sufficiently remote from you in order not to be struck suddenly by your leaping arm.
You might even think about a sound that could alert them of that possibility – say, a code like “free me” or “away we go” – before you spring into motion.
It is possible that these people will think more highly of you for warning them and you could even end up making new friends. After all, we all like those whom we feel are trying to protect us.
Here is another possibility for your dilemma: Don’t wear a shirt at all under your sweater, just a nice fluffy scarf to keep you from the draught, and hope that your skin is tight enough not to interfere with your sleeves. Good luck.



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