Why Is Life So Hard?

Dear Ron,

Sometimes I get so frustrated at everything in life that I want to tear my hair out. Why is life so hard? I know this is a pretty general question, but you said there were no questions you  wouldn’t answer.


Dear Wits’ End,

You have misquoted me: I said there were no questions I couldn’t answer; there are obviously questions that I won’t answer, such as, “How many summers have you  already spent  in this world?”

Your question is general but answerable in a general way, hence I will be as general as possible in answering it. Why is life so hard?  It is hard because whoever decided the human race was a good addition to earth had no sense.

I mean why give humans a brain that tells them that they are going to end and then expect them to be happy about it?  Everything we are given is fraught with the anxiety that it will be taken away from us at some point. Human life is designed so that we can never be totally at ease in it, totally secure. There are those “Positivists” who would counter that we ought to enjoy what we have and not think about our demise.

Yeah, right. Then why invent the calendar?  Why have days of the week? Why use the future tense? All things in life exist in relation to time: nothing lasts. Which can be a good thing in fact. The bear you were unfortunate enough to have married will one day be gone and you won’t have to deal with her anymore. You will eventually get relief from your stomach ache. You will even get relief from life itself, which is a great relief when you think about it. Don’t tear your hair out, Wits End. Pretend you are a river and go with the flow.

Dear Ron,

I went with the flow and now I am all wet, which has annoyed me even more. What kind of lame advice was that?

Wits End

Dear Wits End,

I told you there were some questions I wouldn’t answer.


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