Forgetting To Fool

Dear Ron,

It is April Fools Day today and I haven’t played a joke on anybody yet . Am I losing my sense of humour?


Dear Shrugs,

My answer to your question is that you are probably far funnier than most. I assume that from the moniker you’ve used to sign your question.

 No, you have not lost your sense of humour, but you probably don’t know many people either. I assume that from the question you posed. Who would want to get to know somebody who could make that kind of assumption? I think it would be best for you to learn rudimentary social skills before thinking about playing jokes on people you hardly know.

 What you might like to try, if this reaches you before the day is done, is to find a stranger to play a joke on. That way, if the person gets sore, you could run away and they probably won’t find your telephone number.  There are lots of people littering the sidewalks who might go for a lame April Fools  joke.  Good hunting and I hope this helped.


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