I Feel Drowsy Now

Dear Ron,
My problem is that I feel drowsy a lot. I’ll be standing somewhere and I suddenly want to nap. I am not sleepy, only drowsy like I am a little drunk. It is not unpleasant, but I feel there is something wrong with me. What do you think it is?

Dear Dropsicle,

It is possible that you are not breathing properly, and are not getting enough oxygen in your brain, which can cause drowsiness.  Take up singing or do yoga, these can increase oxygen supply. I am going to cut at this point because it is time for my nap. I am not feeling drowsy, only sleepy.  Nighty night.
Okay, I’m back. All refreshed. I had a dream that someone asked me about how to beat drowsiness and it put me to sleep. Then 3 people asked me the same question and I gave them all different advice.  Now I am going to take a shower. I hope that doesn’t get me too wet.  All  the best to you, Dropsicle, and drop me a line some other time.


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