Land Of Plenty

Dear Ron,

I have a problem. I buy food at the supermarket and then I put it on my shelf and forget to eat it. Is it possible that I am making wrong choices?

Which Way

Dear Which Way,

I must admit from the git-go that I do that all the time and feel guilty months later when I have to scrape it from the porcelain countertop. Let’s face it, we are just a society of sick sponges. Think that we could feed the winos, freaks and refugees with all the edibles we waste. I am ashamed of myself, and I am even more ashamed of you for bringing it to my attention.

You, my friend, ought to stop buying food you don’t eat. Maybe you should stop eating –period. Then you’d know what it feels like to go around with a hole in your stomach, and  be obliged to get a nibble on anything that crossed your dim field of vision, including coiled dirt smidgens and off-colour milky substances.  You need to wake up and smell the sickness in yourself. You live in the Land of Plenty and here you are acting plenty foolish.

I hope this helped.


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