I’m So Clammy I Could Cry

Dear Ron,
What can I do about perspiration? It’s a problem I have.  I powder, I spritz, I dab and  still it comes out all over me.  I am so clammy, I want to get a glass of white wine and eat myself. You  know, Ron, the more I think about it the angrier I get and the more the salty juice squirts .  It is taking me to nutsville. I scream up at the Creator, enough with the floods!  Nothing.
Sweating Bullets

Dear Sweating Bullets,

Many people sweat a lot. So don’t get too hot under the collar about it. Sweating is good for us, it releases toxins, it regulates body temperature. It cools us down. Take a positive attitude toward it. Slick skin can be lovely. Think “wet look” Think about  people on beaches who grease themselves up and pose for pictures. You are a juicy person and juicy people are in demand the world over. Be proud of your perspiration .. Maybe it will rub off and you will start a trend. Maybe it won’t, but all you will lose are body fluids. Good luck!


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