Refuse To Smell Him

Dear Ron,
I have a terrible problem. I work in a company, and in one of the offices where I have to visit regularly, there is a person who has a very bad body odour about him. He is really a nice person and I do not wish to offend him, so of course I cannot say anything. But I will admit that I cannot stand to be around him for more than a few seconds without feeling a strong impulse to say goodbye to last night’s dinner.  What can I do?

Dear Hurl,

All people smell different. What may be offensive to one person is not necessarily the same for his next door neighbour. One’s natural scent is a result of pheromones, a chemical substance, which is produced by the  body . Odour is also influenced by the food we eat, our skin tone and the quality of our hygiene. Whatever the reason for this man’s scent, you find it disagreeable to the point of wanting to give up portions of digested food on inhaling it.
I will tell you what I do whenever I encounter an odour that is less than tantalizing: I refuse to smell it. I close the door. How do I accomplish this? I breathe through my mouth, not letting ANY air get into my nostrils. It can be done quite easily. Do not be too obvious, obviously. If your mouth is taking too much air in, you might start to yawn uncontrollably, which will send another message to this person that you may want to avoid delivering.
Good luck to you and best of smells for your future. I hope this was helpful.


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