Why Are Airplanes Grey?

Dear Ron,
This is Miserable Molly here if you remember me. I am less miserable than before thanks to you. I have taken your advice to heart and am starting to make more decisions. For example, today I decided what I would wear. I didn’t call my sister to ask for her opinion.
I have decided I want to buy a pair of new slacks, either white or off-white, but I am leaning toward off-white, or ivory as it is now referred to. Do you prefer “off-white” or “ivory” as a name? Ivory is such a nice name. It makes me think of big fat elephants, like when I was a little girl and uncle Boris rode me around swinging his snoot. Did we ever have fun!  I miss the old days, Ron. But they’re gone. Today all I have to look forward to is pills and crackers. There should be more to life than that. Don’t you think so?
I want to travel to Africa and see all the animals, but I can’t decide which airlines to go on.  Why are all the airplanes grey, Ron? I want to fly on a red airplane. I will leave my house one day, I will. Hope everything is well with you and that you are eating alright. I hope all your readers are well too, they seem to have lots of things to talk to you about. Thanks for all your advice.  Be careful.
Less Miserable Molly

Dear Less Miserable Molly,

I am happy to hear that you are less miserable than you were. Next time I hope that you will tell me that  you are at the least almost happy if not happy itself. About your trip to Africa. I would take a boat. It’s longer but you will be able to learn about naval navigation and you might even get to steer the boat.
I too would like to fly on a red airplane. Maybe they think that by painting the plane red all the bulls in the sky will charge the plane and make big holes in it. There must be bulls in the sky because there is so much bullshit.
The airlines are no good. You can’t smoke, you can’t drink alcohol if you don’t pay for it and they don’t even feed you anymore. The stewardesses are getting uglier and uglier. If I wanted to look at ugly people I would stay home.
And God forbid that you pat them on the backside, they get all uppity.  You might be doing the right thing by staying in the house. Be well.

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