Remember To Wear Sunglasses

Dear Ron,
The days are getting shorter and it is making me sad. Is there anything I can do about it?

Light Hungry

Dear Light Hungry

What you are suffering from  is a form  of seasonal angst caused by lack of sunlight common to people who  can see.
The renowned psychologist and Nobel wannabe,  Dr. George M. Yold, has suggested that a way to combat  the emotional consequences of  lessening sunlight is to remember to wear sunglasses.
By doing this, Dr. Yold argues, when the glasses come off, the person is so grateful for light that they become elated.  If not sunglasses, one can spend lots of time at movie theatres, caves,  or the United Kingdom.
“It is odd how the brain functions,”  Dr. Yold is fond of saying.” It is constantly comparing.” And if you think about this, Light Hungry, I am sure you will see how much sense this makes. For example,  let us say you are starving and you happen to come across a piece of crusty, stinky old cheese in the fridge that your mom never forgets to force on you as a punishment, or when she is in a particularly nasty period of PMS.
Well, you will probably delight at working your jaw over that little bit of stinko cheese and think it is the finest food in all the world.  Same thing for the unfortunates living  under conditions where  they have no  fresh drinking water.
When you hand one of them a glass of tepid, moisture some call “water” famous at fountains in parks around this great land of ours, well, this person becomes so grateful  to have this that their lips form a smile and they may even utter an “ah!” in appreciation.
See the point?  He don’t have to have no fancy Perrier or Vichy  to make him happy.  He is content with very little. Fast forward. Once this person has had a lot of this lousy liquid and is introduced to ice cubes, well, he is no longer smiling when lapping at it. He wants, even craves, the cold stuff now.  Goes to show  that all IS relative.
Relate this to your own situation, Light, and see how you can feel better in your darkness. Good luck, and please have a very bright autumn season.

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