Should I Finish This Letter?

Dear Ron,

My problem is that I can’t make decisions. About  anything. For example, I am not even sure I should finish this letter.
Should I go on? No, I don’t think so, but maybe I should. No,I think I am going to stand up instead. Yes, I have decided. I am going to. I am hungry, I think. Yes, I have decided. I am and I’m going to eat something now. But I am not sure what to eat. What should I eat?

Miserable Molly

Dear Miserable Molly,

Think about it. I have your letter. You managed to send it to me, and so you are more capable than you thought of making decisions and following through with them. Take heart! People who can’t make decisions are generally indecisive people.
The question that must be posed is why are they indecisive. To answer this question I would have to know you better, have a beer, look you straight in the kisser, and then I would know.
But let me speculate. I would say that you are looking too far into the future and that makes you unable to act. You are saying to yourself, “If I do this, this will happen. If I do that, that will happen.” But it may well be that you are wrong. It is possible that if you do this, that will happen, or if you do that, this will happen. You don’t know. Or at least you cannot be sure because you don’t know the future. Only God knows the future, and maybe some well-heeled psychics.
So you have to risk the outcome of any action. But if I met you, I would probably find out quick enough that you were not the gambling type. Am I right? I knew it. You don’t like risk. You want a sure thing. Get over it, Molly! There is no such thing. Am I sure I am going to be alive by the end of the day? Of course, I don’t. I could have a massive coronary as I am thinking about my next sentence.
God forbid! But I have to assume that I will complete this reply and send you words of wisdom, which you will understand sufficiently to be able to surmount your problem. At least, I fervently hope I do, so I soldier on, trying to make a difference.
I would advise you to start gambling. It could be anything. Do you like horses? Go to the track once a week and pick a number. Make a bet. Do it without thinking, just because you like the horse’s name. You will probably lose, but you will have learned something in the process:  You CAN lose!  You can!  It’s okay. It’s easy.
If you don’t fancy the ponies, pick up a pack of playing cards. Go into a casino with a stash of dough and play. There’s blackjack, poker, barbut.  Any  game with chips. Throw yourself into a game.  Tell those around the table that you want to make decisions, you want to take wild risks, they will welcome you with open arms. You might even make some new friends.  Try it and let me know how it went.

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