My Existential Nazi Psychiatrist

Dear Ron,
On the subject of time, I read what you wrote to Tina and I would like to pose another question about Father Time. I don’t know if I am being silly, but I always have the mind -crushing impression that I am wasting my time, even when I know I am not, when I am, say, doing something I have to do, or something that pleases me,  I experience an anxiety that I should be doing something else,  but I never know what that something else is. The thought haunts me constantly, causing me stress and distress.  What can I do about it?
Tick Tick Tick

Dear Tick,

Let me get this straight.  You are taking out the garbage and you are thinking you should be doing something else instead and that something else escapes you as if there is this great mission you should be on and you missed the boat? They called your name but you didn’t hear it because you were asleep or distracted or your ear wax had impacted.  I get you.
This is an existential  question that you should have asked the  philosopher, the late Jean-Paul Sartre.  Unfortunately  even if he were still alive, he might not have answered your question because M. Sartre did not speak the English language.
Therefore it falls to me to take on this angst machine and conquer it for you. Tick, have you ever considered seeking  professional help.  I  suggest this because my ex mentor, the  psychiatrist and Nazi,  Dr. Ishbeen Schtarke  was a wizard at getting to the crux of an existential  problem. He would go right for the jugular, if you will, so that you could not squirm out of it or make any wimpy excuses.
He would  force you to confront it head on, not letting you out of his office until he was certain you were taking the bull by the horns. He had ways to make you tackle the question,  believe me, his devices  were eccentric but effective. There was often a lot of threatening involved and interrogation, and by the time he was through with you, you had your answer I can assure you.
Dr. Schtarke does not take  anyone on easily, however. He requires  a  full racial history  as well as the signing of an agreement that he cannot be held responsible for any consequences of the therapy.  If you are willing to jump through these hoops, he may be able to help.  Good luck and let me know if you want  me to pass along his phone number. But  just don’t mention my name if you call.


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