Ear Wax And Warm Weather

Dear Ron,

I don’t know if I am imagining this, but my earwax seems a lot more pungent than usual in warm weather. Is it possible that even it is subject to the dog days of summer?

Summer Smells

Dear Smells,

There are three forms of matter: solid, liquid and gas. As the atmosphere heats up so a solid will convert to a liquid, for example a snowman that becomes a puddle.  As it liquifys it gains in scope and the result is that there is a lot more to go round. As fat people generally smell stronger than thin ones, your earwax as a liquid will, of course, be stronger than your earwax when it is more in the form of a solid.

I would not worry about this, if worried you are, and enjoy it. Earwax has a delightful fragrance, which past civilizations have used as models for making perfumes, and I understand that history is rife with contests called “earathons”  where folks would compete with each other on who could produce the biggest ball of earwax. It is here wherein the expression Is that the  “whole ball of wax?” originated when this question was put to the participants by the judges.


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