Do All Things Work Out In The End?

Dear Ron,
It is true that what goes around comes around, but can it be said with equal certainty that all things work out in the end?  Please inform.
Uncertain Sam

Dear Uncertain Sam,

I will attempt to address this question in as didactic a fashion as I can muster, under the circumstances, which are that I feel giddy with hunger, having fasted all day in sympathy with the IRA still languishing in Irish prisons in a movie I have heard about and intend to see.
If we accept the hypothesis that what goes around, does indeed come around, it must follow that things will work out in the end. However, as you must realize there is no end to a circle. It just goes round and round.
Will the circle end one day is the question and if it does what will it become?  A rectangle, perhaps, or a trapezoid. Will it just straighten out and become a line? Will the line have a beginning and an end? Will “things” be on that line? What is your definition of “work out?” Parse it, please.
You see, Uncertain Sam, that you are raising more questions by your question than is possible to answer with absolute certainty. I would  add that in the end of a finite system things must work out because  they  have ended. If you are asking whether they have worked out well, you would have to define “well”, which is subjective, and so I won’t even go there before I have broken my fast.
Thank you for your question and I hope it has been answered to your  at least partial satisfaction under these circumstances.


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