Techno Dunce

Dear Ron,
Is it the purpose of modern technology to make people feel  foolish and inadequate?  When my computer doesn’t work properly I am completely at a loss. I have no idea what to do about it, and I feel stupid always having to get help from someone. Am I the only one?
Techno Dunce

Dear Techno Dunce,

You are certainly not the only one. Everyone today is dealing with changing technology, and yes, it can make one frustrated when something breaks down. We used to be able to get along with a toaster and can opener. Now it’s I pods, I phones and I don’t know what else will be here tomorrow.
I, for one, think it was better before this techno storm started with the advent of personal computers, but of course, we could never go back to those days. All we can do is dodge the traffic. But don’t feel stupid.
Do what I do whenever a machine I am using stops working. I try to fix it. Of course, I usually fail. That is when I  fly into a rage and hurl it out the window.


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